A New Phase – Mofos Ice Skating Uphill film podcast

Recently I have decided to start a new film podcast.

Long story short, I had met a potential cohost at a friend’s party two months ago, proposed the idea and we were up and running weeks later. The podcast is going to be called Mofos Ice Skating Uphill. It’s a free form film review podcast with a focus on being light, funny and random.


Website: http://www.mofosiceskating.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mofosiceskating
Twitter: @mofoiceskating
iTunes + RSS feed: http://www.mofosiceskating.com/feed.xml

Ideally I would like to still pen written film reviews, as it has really developed my writing and sharpened my voice. But it’s been hard to do both at the same time. I wanted to learn about how to set up a website, learn the workflow of a podcast, and see if I get enough listeners to get sponsorship or into a press screening. So I have elected to stop writing the written reviews for a while. Will I ever write them again here? I do not know. Never say never.

If you’ve liked the reviews you have read here, please check out the new podcast as it is still just film reviews covering theatrical releases in Hong Kong.