A Little About Me

Every since I can remember I wanted to tell stories. I believe the best way to learn something is doing it. But it’s important that an artist grow through being a critic first, watching and studying a lot of content and amassing a set of ideas on how to approach one’s own work. And thus, I am not approaching this as a film review blog, as more as a self-studying journal on how to approach my own authorship when I (hopefully and humbly) direct a film in the future.

Hence I’ve chosen the word ‘auteur’ for my blog. I worried that it would come off as pretentious but I like what the word represents.
1. It’s correlation to film and the auteur theory.
2. It means ‘author’, which through writing this blog I intend to develop my own authorship.
3. My film review posts will be focused on analyzing film through the “author”, the idea that  film is a director’s medium. And that I am an author, not an audience member, looking at another author’s work.

For the reader, I hope that my content will enrich or start a film discussion that can allow differing viewpoints. Perhaps I can point out a small detail that can change your impression of a certain film, or you me. I do not see my opinions as the gospel truth and detest when people argue in absolutes. Art is often dependent on context and through my multicultural upbringing, a widened perspective often enriches my experience of art. For that, I think I have something to contribute and share. And who knows? Maybe even through this blog, I can find people that connect to what I’m saying.

But to cut to the chase…

My name is Steven. I’m a Chinese Canadian currently residing in Hong Kong. In my spare time, I write screenplays, practice martial arts and perform live stand-up comedy. My dream is to direct a movie one day.

Enjoy the posts. Please “like’, comment, subscribe, share … and read as well. I will try to keep it interesting.


HK Auteur

4 responses to “A Little About Me

  1. You will achieve your dreams…but I’m not expecting one movie from you Steven, you’re supposed to direct and write many. Think Big and then think bigger 😉 I still have your Happenstance vid. I managed to save at least that before you left York U. Welcome to this blogging world. 😀

  2. Hey Steve!

    I just wanted to thank you for writing that blog on exposition. I’ve dropped an explanation of exposition (i.e. why the Joker’s robbery scene at the beginning of Dark Knight is so effective) into 2-3 conversations now and it makes me feel cool because I’m explaining something to others, lol.

    Keep up the good work man!


  3. rlsharpe

    Thanks for the follow, I really appreciate it. Good luck with all your dreams I hope they come true for you. I’ve always been taught not giving up is the key to success.

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