Welcome all! Here’s the Premise.

To whoever may be reading out there,

I’m a filmmaker currently working in freelance producing and video editing in Hong Kong. It is my lifelong goal to be a film director. In years time, preferably in my conscious lifetime, I would love to be writing and directing my own work. Since no opportunity has yet surfaced, it’s of the upmost importance that I establish and develop myself as a director and filmmaker.

So here are THE RULES:

– I will write about all the films I’ve seen, not as film reviews, but my thoughts, how I see them in their context and I might have done it if it were me.

– I will write about my ideas about cinema, specifically the way I envision it.

– I will write about what I learn on set. Names of other people who are not me shall remain anonymous.

– I will try to write SPOILER FREE as much as possible. If not possible, I will post a warning in bold.

I offer only what I think, nothing more. Nothing is ever 100% black or white, right or wrong. Feel free to disagree with me or tell me I’m wrong. The goal is to grow, become more multi-faceted and open-minded.
So here we go!